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We are ONE!!

To God be the Glory.

The Adam Meet Eve Agency has turned one year old today and we have much to give God thanks for.

My vision has manifested and I am grateful for all your help and support. I must recognise my two Singlehood Consultants Chaz'ara Melody and Natalia Thomas. We worked hard and we will continue to serve in order to fulfil the assignment of increase Kingdom marriages. Healthy marriages start with two healthy singles and so we continue to disciple.

We do have success stories and we do plan to share testimonials. The tricky bit is the fact that our clients really enjoy the confidential and professional nature of our service. :D Just know that God is still writing love stories today.

I have big plans for year two so get on board while programs are this reasonable!!

I have some incentive offers to celebrate our anniversary, please see below. Everyone loves to receive ''easy money'' right?

The next three men who sign up to the agency in July/August receive a 50% VIP membership upgrade discount

The next three women who book the VIP coaching package will receive a discount of 25%

Refer a UK based Christian single man (28 to 55 years old) and receive a £15 Amazon gift voucher or cash in July and August 2020*

Terms and conditions for £15 cash incentive for each Christian male referrals:

- You must reside in the UK

- The man you refer must be between the ages of 28 and 55 years old

- The man must be single (legal status)

- The man must be an active Christian and be attached to a registered Church

- The man must reside in the UK

- The referred man must sign up to the agency and fully engage with the agency activities for 3 months

- At the 3 months mark, your money is automatically transferred to you

- There is no limit to the referrals

Email Dr. Sara at

We are only beginning... Dr. Sara xoxo