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Online dating DOES work!!! But HOW???

Whether you like it or not... online dating does work. Whether it works for you is dependent on how you approach it. Social media is apart of the normal Western world life and a completely normal way of meeting new people.

What you put into Social Media determines what you get out of it. You have to approach it with a plan. The dating site selection, the bio description, the pictures and how you filter your search is essential. Of course there are principles to follow to stay safe but the same wisdom would be applied when you meet someone in a public place.

Video calling has made catfishing more difficult but there are sure ways to detect scammers. Good men are out there and logging on for the first due to the lockdown. From the comfort of your own home you and can find love... the introverts dream. COVID can not and will stop love connections being made.

Join me on Thursday 4th of June 8:30pm for an exclusive ZOOM meeting all about Online Dating. I will give you the Do's, the Dont's, and all the 'How to' information you need to ensure you are clued up about the online love world.

It is free for AME members. £5 for Non AME Members. Register on this site to secure your spot.

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