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Happy New Year!

Yes it is February, but I have just turned 32 so it is New Year to me lol! Lockdown birthday is surreal. I had to break my tradition and I did not realise how important going away was to me. It is supposed to be one of the perks of Singlehood. I had a mini-meltdown leading up to the big day but it was transient. I have a lot to be grateful to God for and so I choose to focus on that. One of the things I am doing this week is working smarter not harder.

I told my clients the truth, that we are going to have to do adopt a different strategy as an agency if we want to grow. I can only match make when I have numbers because everyone is so picky. Even when I go through the work of finding men and matching bios perfectly, I can not account for physical attraction. Yet in all this, my clients are finding love. One by one, they are coming to me with their romantic tales of meeting someone beyond their expectations. I would like to think that the coaching work we do is making a positive difference. In our sessions, we talk about barriers and challenge unhelpful thinking. We are our client's cheerleaders which I think boosts confidence. They are worthy of love and they will find it.

One of the things you will see this year from the AME agency is expansion and targeted events. Our events will be tailored for men and married coup

les. Strange combination, but the more people recognise us as an singlehood and relationship support network, the faster we will grow. I did not achieve my target last year and yes it was impacted by the pandemic, but I am not going to use that as an excuse this year. We got to get creative and adapt. It is my desire to see all my clients in the relationship that they have been praying for.

We have decided to start providing support and resources for married couples. I have a burden for never been married singles but the number of divorced singles I encounter is significant. I believe we have to tackle the singlehood crisis from all sides. We want to pray for couples and practically support them so they stay married. We understand divorce is a complex thing, but if we can do anything to help couples with communication, quality time, rekindling the fun... we want to do it.

Chaz'ara is on standby to handle the therapy side but Natalia will take the lead in hosting virtual group date nights. Our wonder woman is nervous but I believe she can do it! She noted that there are even fewer marriage support ministries than single adult ones across the UK. It is crazy! This is a big step of faith but I am hoping that this will undergird some marriages and save others. The virtual date nights are all about having fun and the couples rekindling the flirty friendship they once had. If the fire is burning bright, we want them to encourage others. Let us bring back community even in a Pandemic.

I would love to see this replicated in churches across the UK, but someone has to be the trendsetter. Why not the AME agency? We are proud to present 'Yes to Love!'

We are limiting spaces because the event needs to be intimate in order to be effective. So I am hoping people RSVP as soon as the next event is announced. The launch night is the 26th of March and I am excited. God cares about singles and He cares about the couples. Let us continue to fight for marriage.

Love from Dr Sara

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