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Manhandling, Myths and Mudholes

I can not believe it! The book that I have been working on for the last 7 years is in the final stages of editing for print. I am so excited I can not even sleep. This book was written for the women who do not want to be single. That was me! That is me!! My mother was the first one to read the completed manuscript and when I asked her for feedback, she offered one word 'explosive!' I take you into the real world of a Christian Single Woman. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Lessons... its all there for your learning and edification!

Check out the Blurb!

Prepare for an invigorating exploration into the world of Love, Dating and Sexuality. Those frustrated with the mundane advice to 'just pray,' will find this practical guide, a life changing read. Prayer is just one of the many things to be done in order to thrive in Singlehood.

Discover the heart of God towards you in your un-married season

Identify unhelpful thinking patterns that cause stagnancy

Gain more insight into dating to avoid toxic relationships

Understand your sexuality and how to break any cycles of sexual sin

Learn how to pursue and protect your contentment

Sara Jayne writes to inspire her generation of Single women in a refreshingly honest manner that many can relate to. From the depths of HOPEbrokeness to the heights of sweet single satisfaction. She candidly describes her journey of overcoming romantic disasters, low self esteem and a secret pornography addiction.

This book inspires Singles to see themselves in a new way. Expect moments of laughter, encouragement, introspection and learning. The resounding message is that Faith must meet action in order to produce real change. 'God has already provided everything you need to prosper within your current season of singleness; the choice of enduring or enjoying it..... lies with you.'

I am happy to announce that from today you are able to pre order the paperback book. Please note that the release date is Friday 10th of July 2020. Pre orders received by the 9th of July will be dispatched on the 10th. Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.