How We Work

Register your interest in joining the agency if you have questions and someone will contact you.

If you are all ready...

1) Go to the Apply for Membership page

Please complete the online form

2) Go to Consultation Fee & Service page

Book an initial consultation  (£10.00)


We will then sit down for a face to face or arrange a virtual consultation. 

This is to conduct a Compatibility Profiling session. This is where I really get to know you and understand what you are looking for in a spouse.

I would like to have a clear idea of the kind of person you feel you would be the most compatible with before we begin our search. 


It may take some time for me to process your profile and check in with the personal character reference you have provided. All members go through the same joining process, however the background check is limited.**

Please view the terms and conditions for further information. 


**Please note that I cannot guarantee that everyone that visits this website is a Committed (born-again) Christian, however only Committed (born-again) Christians are eligible to become members.


I will confirm that your application was successful.

The agency is an exclusive social network. We reserve the right to determine whether the match making services we offer could benefit you.

We will not provide any reason for non admittance should your application be unsuccessful. Your admin fee will be refunded to you.


Congratulations, you are now in the network. I will contact you if there is a suitable match and you receive discounted webinar spaces. There is an option to purchase a VIP 6 month membership plan. 

If you are happy to proceed, you will then follow a link to the online payment facility on the website.


(Please do not select or pay for the VIP membership plan before confirmation that your membership application has been successful)

🔭 👀

If you have purchased VIP membership,

I will confirm that payment has been successful and commence my VIP search for suitable matches .


When matches become available (standard and VIP,) I will contact you via email/call. It is about quality rather than quantity here at the Agency.

VIP matches - Expect 1 to 2 matches per month

Standard - You will be contacted as a when a suitable match becomes available.

If there is mutual interest then
 contact details will be exchanged.

The rest is up to you!

I will check in with you regularly as this is a personal service. 

If things are going well then we will hold off sending further matches until otherwise notified by yourself.

Sometimes connections need time and focus to develop.

If things are not going the way that you expected and you no longer wish to be in contact with the match... let me know. There is always way to leave things on good terms.


If things are going well and you wish to cancel your membership due to finding love. Please let me know and I will update your profile accordingly with glass of bubbly.

Mazel Tov!

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