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The ‘Adam Meet Eve’ Agency is a boutique coaching service that specialises in singlehood support and dating for marriage purposes. We take time to get to know our clients so we can tailor consultations to their needs. Investing in your self-development is the first step to transforming your single experience. It would be our pleasure to matchmake you when eligible singles become available because recommendations do work! Feel free to book a 'one-off' virtual consultation; or upgrade to the Blue Diamond program for a coaching experience that just might change your life.

  • Increase your opportunities for marriage

  • Recover from heartbreak

  • Regain dating confidence

  • Increase your attractiveness

  • Understand your sexuality and how to break cycles of addiction

  • Revive your dating life 

  • Learn how to pursue and protect your contentment

  • Learn how to make online dating work for you

  • Gain more insight into dating to avoid toxic relationships

Prepare for a refreshing exploration into the world of love, dating and sexuality. Those frustrated with the mundane advice to 'just wait,' will find the Blue Diamond Coaching Program, a life changing experience. 


Dr. Sara desires to coach a generation of singles in an honest manner that many will relate to. From the depths of HOPEbrokeness to the heights of sweet single satisfaction. In her book, she candidly describes her journey of overcoming romantic disasters, low self-esteem and a secret pornography addiction. Everything has changed for the better now and she knows that an amazing singlehood experience is possible for you.

This program will cause singles to see themselves in a new way. There will be moments of laughter, encouragement, introspection, and learning. The resounding message is that faith must meet action to produce real change. Your love story starts with you. 

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Dr. Sara Manhandling myths and mudholes book for singles

Purchase Manhandling, Myths and Mudholes by Dr. Sara. The  'What now?' and "How to!'' guide for Singles.

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HR recruiter, 34

The coaching session was absolutely wonderful! Dr. Sara J keeps it raw and real. I felt so beyond encouraged and equipped with new strategies and tips to step outside of my comfort zone! I highly recommend! You are God send for singles everywhere.

(model pictured to preserve privacy)

Model, 25

I'm looking forward to changing careers and embracing a new season where I could meet my future husband and knowing that I have met you [Dr. Sara] gives me great peace of mind in terms of coaching.

(model pictured to preserve privacy)

Business owner, 54

After my divorce, I wanted to give up on love. The idea of starting over again was so daunting, I had lost my confidence. But after working with you Dr Sara, I feel so much more positive about the future. I now know I deserve real love and I am going to get it.

(model pictured to preserve privacy)