Sara-Jayne does not play around. She sees a problem and seeks to find a solution. A multiskilled qualified medical Doctor working in an administrative branch of Occupational Medicine is dedicated to coaching Singles. 


She began mentoring young women at the age of sixteen and was inspired to start a peer mentoring scheme called The Phoebe Network. She quickly discovered that teaching, mentoring and empowerment is her life assignment. She is determined to see women enjoy their singlehood. She has taught workshops/seminars across the UK on love, confidence building,  sexual integrity and dating. She unashamedly honest, relatable and is considered to be a millennial influencer.


There is a singlehood crisis in the UK. She is ready to help you do something about it. 

‘My own personal experience with online dating was not a pleasant one, men often lied about being single. I knew there had to be something better. In an emotionally low point, God gave me the strategy for the ‘Adam meet Eve’ networking agency. This lifted me immediately because I felt a wave of reassurance that I did not have to accept life long singleness.' 


Sara Jayne loves shopping, Korean dramas, luxury travel and her family; not necessarily in that order!


The Doctor will see you now... 👩🏾‍⚕️💕