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There is a huge percentage of the population in the UK who are single and looking for love. Almost everywhere you go it seems that unmarried single woman outnumber unmarried single men. We have heard from Single men, they feel overwhelmed with choice but end meeting women who are not quite right for them. Due to the ever-increasing demands of work, family and social schedules: single adults are finding it hard to meet potentials. 


A popular choice remains to go online. The swipe left or swipe right phenomenon has left people with aching thumbs; and they are no closer to find the right person for them. There are millions of users, but without anyone to vet or check facts, many have come across scammers, cheaters and liars. There is a way to make online dating work for you but you have to know how. 


Dr. Sara has come up with a coaching program with the added bonus of matchmaking to even the odds. There are simple things that a single can do to increase their opportunities for marriage. It is not enough to just be ready for a relationship... your self-belief system has to be right, your dating mindset focused and social footprint expansive.  For every step of the journey, the Adam Meet Eve agency is here to help to support you. 


Adam Meet Eve is a niche singlehood coaching service that also matches Blue Diamond Coaching Program Clients to eligible singles. The coaching program focuses on empowering the client and equipping them with the skills to transform their dating lives. Clients will engage in inspirational one to one sessions focused on self-development working towards being at their dating best. Each program has been tailored to the needs of the client. The focus can range from recovering from heartbreak, regaining your dating confidence, knowing what you want and how to attract high calibre potentials. The program changes the way clients see themselves and how the world views them. Clients report going from zero dates to multiple options for love in a matter of months. They use their Singlehood consultants as a emotional support and a source of objective advice as they navigate through sometimes tricky dating world.


During the program, the consultants take time to get to know their clients and carefully consider potential matches. Consultations will headhunt and recommend eligible singles when they are available. The agency looks into the background of potential matches for Blue Diamond Program Clients to verify basic information such as marital status and employment. Their aim is to increase the client's social network and therefore opportunities for marriage. 

Your love story begins with you. If you are ready, go ahead register your interest. We are ready to see some more marriages... are you next?