There is a huge population of ‘born again’ Christians in the UK who are single and looking for love. Some Churches report a 10 female to 1 male congregation. Single women complain that the men present, tend to be the ones already ‘off the market.’ 

We have heard from Single men, that they feel overwhelmed with choice. However they are not connecting with the women they are seeking for. Due to the ever increasing demands of work, family and ministry schedules: single adults are finding it hard to meet potentials. 

A popular choice remains to go online. The Swipe left or swipe right phenomenon has left people with aching thumbs; and they are no closer to find the right person for them. There are millions of users, but without anyone to vet or check facts, many have come across scammers, cheaters and liars. 

Kingdom Men and Women simply just need to expand their social network. Adam Meet Eve is here to help with this. 

Whilst Marriage is promoted in Church there is very little support for Dating. 

Dating is ‘not’ synonymous with promiscuity. We can socialise in a Godly way. 

Adam Meet Eve is a niche personal introduction service that specialises in Christian networking. We take time to get to know our clients and prayerfully consider potential matches. This process is not just based on a computer algorithm because people are more complex. Our vetting process looks into new joiners marital status, church involvement and VIP matches have personal references. 

Prayer works but faith is an action. We want to see Churches filled with families and healthy marriages. Families build up Godly communities and change the World.

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